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Let AFFORDABLE TECH's Database   Consultants simplify your information

*       Do you consider your information to be a valuable asset that needs to be properly managed? 

*       Are you having trouble defining your data problems? 

*       Is your MIS department stretched to the limit? 

*       Does it take months to start or finish projects? 

*       Do you have too much data and too little analysis and reporting? 

*       Does your information reporting feel like it is too complex? 

*       Do you care about your data enough to be willing to develop fundamentally sound data solutions?

Our Consultants specialize in:

*       Problem Review and Definition

*       Solution Specification & Design

*       Client/Server & X Internet Application Development

*       Custom Database Programming by MS Access Consultants and SQL Server Consultants 

*       Data Collection & Reporting Applications

*       Database Reviews / Advice / Troubleshooting / Optimization

*       Business Automation

Business Services

*       Project Consulting, start to finish

*       Business Operations Development

*       Project / Application rescue and salvaging

*       Data Design / Problem Solving

*       Data Conversions

*       Problem Review / Definition

*       Solution Specification / Design

*       Intuitive User Interface Design

*       Streamlined and Effective reporting

*       Moving critical data management beyond Excel Worksheets


*       Microsoft Access Consultants

*       Microsoft SQL Server Consultants

*       Data Design Consultants

*       Data Conversion Consultants


Technology Services

*       Visual Basic Programming

*       Visual Basic Database Programming

*       Visual Basic Resources

*       Visual Basic Applications

*       Visual Basic Crystal Reports

*       Executable Internet (X Internet)

*       Crystal Reports from ASP

*       Crystal Reports Support

*       Crystal Reports Consulting

*       Crystal Reports and Visual Basic

*       Crystal Reports in .NET

*       Microsoft Access Programming

*       Microsoft Access Applications

*       Microsoft Access VB Help

*       VBA Access Programming

*       SQL Server Help

*       SQL Server Consulting

*       SQL Programming

*       Help with Visual Basic Databases

*       Conversion services to convert Access to Visual Basic

*       Distributed Database Systems development

Technology Services Executables on the Web (X Internet)

AFFORDABLE TECH has toiled with technologies that extend the capabilities of the internet.  According to George Colony of Forrester Research (My View: X Internet), "While Web communications are conducted via the exchange of pages, the new software model will use executables (programs).  When you go to a site in the future, the server will send you a program that will load onto your PC.  Now you've got brains at both ends of the wire, resulting in a high-IQ, interactive, valuable conversation. Work is performed at both places, greatly increasing the richness of experience, the relevancy of content, and the amount that can get done."  Practical Computer Applications has designed a methodology for quickly and efficiently developing applications for the X Internet.

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